The Bass Have Arrived!!!

May 19th, 2015

Yes the bass are here! Many people have been catching fish in the Mousam River as recently as this morning. Other places that have produced fish are the Saco River, Scarborough Marsh and the Spurwink River. We suspect that fish should be in the Presumpscot by the end of the week. Bucktail jigs, SP Minnows, Mambo Minnows, and Salt Shakers have been producing fish. Most have been small schoolies but some have reported some fish in the mid-twenties being caught.

Don’t forget there are new regulations on Striped Bass! You are now allowed to keep 1 fish 28 inches!

Shad fishing remains hot and seems as though we can’t keep Shad Darts on our shelves! Come get ‘em while you can!

Trout fishing remains to be good in Southern Maine. The state has stocked a lot of fish in many streams with both Brook and Brown Trout. People have been doing well with small spinners (Mepps & Roostertails), worms, and flies. Small nymphs imitating caddisfly larve have been doing well. Some hatches have been seen. These flies have been super small like size 18 or smaller flies. Try a hendrickson or a BWO.

Bass fishing on the lakes and ponds have been productive. Look for areas in the shallows with dark bottoms that are in direct sunlight. Many fish have been seen in these parts. Crawfish imitations have been producing both large and smallmouth bass. Dingers will certainly get their attention but they aren’t super aggressive towards them. Throwing spinners around like a #2 Mepps or a larger Roostertail in your favorite colors aren’t a bad idea either. Same goes for swimbaits like Rapalas or Yo-zuri’s.

Mike has been tearing it up everywhere. He’s been catching salmon trolling on Sebago, hammering Shad, and started his annual bass count since they showed this past weekend.

Dana has been keep us fisherman happy here and the shop and getting everyone geared up for the season.

Teach will soon be joining us again.

And I just recently got back from a trip to Long Island, NY with my buddy Giant Ryan. We caught some bass and got into a serious school of Bluefish. I also have been catching some nice Brookies while fighting the blackflies. I got chased out of the woods Sunday after two hours of fishing by those nasty things.

Tightlines and hope to see you out there or in the shop!



April 1st, 2015

new spring hours starting April 1 are as follows

Monday-Friday 9am-6pm

Saturday-Sunday 9am-6pm

Opening day for rivers and streams and open water, if you can find any!

Future Future Fishing Reports

December 6th, 2014

As of January 1st 2015 most fishing updates will be posted to our new Facebook page. We will still be posting some reports here as in past for those who don’t have a Facebook page. We are trying to move reports over to facebook so we can post pics, do more frequent shorter reports, it will also make ripping on each other far easier than before and our facebook friends will be able to get notifications on special sales and when the Fresh bait walks in the door. (That’s a feature that would have come in handy last summer)

12/5/14 Holiday Hours

December 6th, 2014

Back from vacation. As of 12/8 our holiday hours will be Monday-Friday 9-5:30 and Sat-Sun 9-5.

Wednesday Dec.24 Christmas Eve we will be open from 9-2

Thursday Dec.25 and Friday Dec.26 we will be closed.

Wednesday Dec.31 New Years Eve 9-2

Thursday January 1 Closed.

Then back to regular winter hours after that which will be Wednesday-Saturday 9-5

Fall Vacation

October 10th, 2014

We will be closed from October 19th through December 3rd To do some fishing, hunting, and attend some fishing trade shows to prepare for next summer. If you need to order or pick something up please call me at 207-831-9764 or email me at

Thanks for everything this summer!


August 30th, 2014

Our Labor Day Hours are 7am-3pm

as of Tuesday September 2nd our hours will be 9am-5pm

if you need bait after 5 call ahead I will make arrangements or stay a little late for you, and don’t be afraid to call in am I try to get here a little early especially if weather is nice on the weekends.

Don’t stop fishing the way the bait and bass are setting up is bound the be a great fall run…. I’m guessing September 10thish it should fire up good!

Prayers to the fish gods have been answered!!

August 28th, 2014

Our prayers to the fish gods have been answered! For years we’ve been asking for blue fish to show up and finally, they have made their way here. Most of the blue fish being reported are coming from the Saco Bay Area. Use the same lures you’d use for stripers and fish the same spots that you’d fish for stripers down there. Striper fishing has been good too. Things haven’t changed since last week so continue your usual fishing tactics like what I mentioned last week. Mackerel patterns have been doing particularly well. Try to fish at dusk and dawn if you can.

Freshwater is still doing great. Ryan and I went out yesterday and caught some nice small mouth and he even caught a 10″ brown trout too!!

Labor Day Hours: 7:00am-3:00pm

Good luck and tight lines!!


It’s August

August 21st, 2014

Fishing has been slow. During the day fishing has been funky. Some are doing extremely well on top water. Chug n’ spooks, Schoolie poppers, and jumpin minnows have been fan favorites. Nighttime has been hit or miss. Some nights the color had been white, other nights it been black or even yellow. Slug-gos, mambo minnows, SP minnows, and the new long shots from bomber in these colors have been producing fish. But keep in mind that fishing has been great one night and poor the next. I almost had a meltdown two weeks ago that would have been comparable to one that Teach had recently and I was using the same lures as Dos Equis and Teach that night I had two hits and between the two of them they had 10 fish. I was able to redeem myself from that night of anguish and some fish.

Bait fishermen have been catching fish with mackerel and squid. After that torrential flooded just had clams were producing fish off the beaches. The tube n’ worm in red and the fluorescent orange colors with a sand worm or even the fake berkley gulp worms have been producing good numbers of fish. In fact, last week at least three people came in claiming that they lost good fish probably in the mid 30″ range on this old school method.

Freshwater fishing was excellent prior to the 6.5″ of rain we got last week. My girlfriend and I went wet wading and got into some good bass and she caught one of the biggest mountain trout that I’ve ever seen on a heddon torpedo. Dana and Snicks had also been consistently catching nice 4 lbs smallies at with dingers too at their various haunts the frequent each summer. Fishing up on the Rapid river has been pretty decent. Had a customer come in today saying that his father and himself got into some nice landlocks up near middle dam.

So, get out and fish! If you’re having issues get out fish. It’s only going to get better as we move into September. Fishing could turn on at any moment this time of year. Don’t be afraid to throw some poppers around no matter if you’re fishing for bass in the salt or the fresh. Just remember that the best time to fish is almost always from dusk to dawn.

Tight lines!


Penicillin, Plastic Spikes and Teasers

July 23rd, 2014

July 23, 2014

Last week the annual cluster known as the Tackle Shop Staff Cookout and Fishing Tournament took place at Wassamski Springs Campground.  No drownings were reported, (for this weekend anyway) and while the staff ate well, the mosquitos ate much better on the fishing competitors.

Teach won the coveted Plastic Tent Stake emblematic of the best fisherman in the tourney with a 1 1/2 lb. largemouth with a Texas rigged Carolina Pumpkin Yum.  It was the only fish caught as the rest of the mentally weak competitors swatted at mosquitos the size of seagulls rather than fishing or perhaps were simply too hammered to rig their lines. It was a huge upset considering the Teach caught about 2 other fish in a week and half stretch (more on that later).

Since this debacle, Parker has hoarded penicillin and other antibiotics in preparation for a bachelor party in Montreal.  Indeed, Parker and the boys may find out the origins of the name of the trout fly that bears that city’s name.  We at the shop consider this research.

Dana meanwhile kept searching for the right panty hose combination as a good luck charm so that he might beat Snickers in the smallie competitions they have almost weekly.  Dos Equis simply continued out fishing everybody with his unique pre-fishing rituals/preparation.  Ryan got a taste of a local striper spot and bagged some bassies, while Teach had his annual meltdown after he hooked up on his last cast of the evening and then promptly dropped the striper as he had done with about 50 other fish during the last week.  The meltdown was not pretty with Teach whacking his rod on the water surface a half dozen times, while Dos Equis giggled and proclaimed how awesome the whole scene was.

As for fishing, bait is really working well as we head into what can be the doldrums for some fishermen.  Clams, macks and frozen herring seemed to be working best. Macks are around in decent numbers and the shop ends up with quite a few fresh macks in the cooler.  Call to find out if/when we have any as it is a day to day thing.

As for lures, mack patterns flew off the shelves and seemed to work day and night. along with the other usual suspects.

That said, because some of the bait is so small it may be time to consider running teaser rigs (a small fly or sluggo ahead of a trailing larger lure).  Numerous fishermen have reported large schools of busting bass that will not take anything offered.  This is when it may be the time to use the teaser.  The staff at the shop will be more than happy to show you how to rig these up.

Finally, as we head toward August, it is time to remind people that time of day is incredibly important.  Fish in low light hours (dusk through dawn).  If your schedule does allow for this, then bait is probably the best daytime bet.

Good luck!


July 21st, 2014

Colder than average water temps have kept the striper fishing rolling. Night fishing has proven to be the best time to fish as it should, but stripers have been very active during the day still. The mouths of the Presumpscot and Saco Rivers have been alive with schoolie and slot sized fish. These fish can be very finicky though. One customer stood at Ferry Beach and watched wave after wave of busting fish roll past him before finding the right combination of teaser and lure, then he was able to pick up some fish before the sun got to high. Best lures have been the usual suspects, Jumpin Minnow, SP Minnow, Weighted Slug-Go, and Mambos. However some of the new plugs we have in stock have been steadily disappearing off the shelves to returning customers.. That’s a good sign of their effectiveness.      Bait fisherman have taken some monster fish off the beaches and ledges. This past week was one of the best trophy fish weeks I have seen in years. Clams caught the majority of them after the rough seas, mackerel were a close second but seemed like chumming with herring was the trick to getting the fish in the eating mood. As usual sand and bloodworms caught their fair share of fish too. Freshwater trout fishing has slowed during the day but morning and evening hatches have led to some good fishing in southern Maine, I can only imagine how the fishing is on the trophy waters in the western part of the state! Bass fishing is in full swing, fish the Lilly pads with frogs or Slug-Gos during the day or a black Jitterbug and black Dingers at night… Ok a black Slug-Go will get it done too. River smallies are active during the day on poppers, Dingers, Slug-Gos and spinners. Lots of opportunities for catching fish right now… Go out and catch a few. It’s good for ya! Tight Lines..